ACRA Performance Test Automation

Build complex performance tests using ACRA’S intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Tech-savvy or not, anyone can use ACRA, without writing any code

Analyze & Measure
With ACRA, your team can quickly analyze and measure the performance of different software. ACRA shifts performance testing left, from load testing to stress testing, endurance, spike, volume, scalability, and more. ACRA helps you measure software performance over an extended period of time, eliminating performance bottlenecks.
User-Friendly Interface
Performance test automation shouldn’t require a coding degree. And now, it doesn’t. Anyone on your team can navigate ACRA’s intuitive graphical interface with confidence, which visualizes testing data to help anyone make sense of it.

Why Choose ACRA for Performance Test Automation?

Did you know that 51% of US online shoppers cite website slowness as the main reason behind purchase abandonment? Or that a mere 2-second site load-time delay skyrockets abandonment to almost 90%? Performance testing is more than just a nice-to-have.

The savviest businesses know that performance testing is a crucial factor driving ROI, but manual testing robs your team of time they don’t have. And while traditional automated performance testing speeds things up, you still need advanced developers with sophisticated coding skills. That all changes with ACRA, enabling anyone on your team to run codeless performance tests with ease.

ACRA is your trusted partner in pinpointing potential performance issues before they reach production. Automated performance testing shifts the process left to ensure an early feedback loop. From speed to reliability, response time, resource usage, and even a software’s scalability given a projected workload, ACRA’S codeless performance test automation can do it all, so you can sidestep launch failures, embarrassing performance regressions, and bad user experiences that drive customers into the arms of your competitors.

How the Tool Works

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The Clients Speak

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Multi-Channel Automation

ACRA is a unified test automation platform for enterprise stacks spanning:


From desktop to packages apps, mainframes, and beyond, ACRA is the powerful test automation tool that does it all.


Automate API, SSH, MQ, Backend, ESB, Microservices, and more.

Performance Testing

Automate performance testing at every level of the tech stack to improve visibility and collaboration, while sending long-term ROI soaring.